Investment Property


Protect your rental property and

As a landlord, owning investment property has obligations that exceed simple insurance considerations. That’s why you need to be sure your investment is covered by an insurance policy designed specifically for rental properties.

Insurance All Landlords Should Have

Unfortunately, having tenants often means inevitable damages to your rental units, and having insurance will ensure that you can afford to replace or repair things that are broken or otherwise damaged, as well as protect you in the event of a partial property loss, a total property loss, or even a liability lawsuit.

A limited contents policy covers unfurnished apartments and includes:

  • window treatments
  • lighting fixtures
  • carpeting and flooring
  • appliances

Other types of must-have insurance:

Loss of Rental Income Coverage – Covers natural disasters when you have uninhabitable buildings that you cannot rent.

Landlord Liability Insurance – Covers injuries to tenants or guests on your property and the injury was caused by something on the property.

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