Cyber Insurance – Protect Your Customers, Protect Your Business

In today's technology-charged world, the risks associated with online business and electronic storage of confidential customer data are increasing at an alarming pace. Cyber risk is steadily increasing and data breaches now affect hundreds of millions of records a year. From hacked computers, Web content liability, copyright infringement, and denial-of-service attacks to virus attacks, your company is responsible for protection against data security breaches and can be held liable if data is compromised. In addition, such intrusions severely undermine your customers' trust and confidence in your company

A comprehensive cyber insurance policy provides a variety of coverages for emerging data security and privacy concerns facing companies today.

Privacy Liability

  • Coverage for theft of personally identifiable non-public information in computer data and hard copy form and liability arising from failure to comply with state breach-notice laws; and
  • Coverage for failure to comply with the insured's privacy policies.

Electronic Media Liability

  • Covers display of electronic content on the insured's website; and
  • Extends to a variety of Internet-related exposures including advertising damages that are not covered under many of today's general liability policies.

Computer Information Security

Third party coverage in response to unauthorized access, theft of or destruction of data, denial of service attacks and virus transmission involving the insured's computer systems resulting from computer security breaches.

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