Classic car


Owning and protecting a classic car in Nevada takes special care and special insurance. Regular car insurance coverage is based on a vehicle’s depreciating value, whereas a classic car continues to increase in value. If you do own a collectible, you need classic car insurance to make sure you are fully covered.

Classic cars aren't just vintage vehicles from the Roaring 20’s time period. They can also be limited production vehicles, a rare exotic or even military vehicles. If the car isn't your primary vehicle and you only use it for weekend drives, car shows, and other similar events, then it could be a collector car.

Classic car policies offer distinct advantages over regular policies. By choosing a specialty insurance company, you’ll be working with an insurer who knows your vehicle’s worth and who also understand how to assess its value.

So whether your car is a Bugatti Veyron, a '56 Chevy Corvette, or a 1927 Pierce Arrow, make sure you have coverage that meets your needs. Just because you’re in Nevada doesn’t mean you should gamble when it comes to protecting your prized investment.

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